The Heritage Project is a year-long effort to bring three hundred years of church history into the digital age by making our historical documents available online.  When completed it will include church histories, sermons and other documents that we hope will inform and encourage readers.  It will eventually include a database of our entire membership list, beginning with the original members of 1700.   When it is complete we can respond quickly to your genealogical search questions and hopefully provide you with relevant information.  Please see Genealogy Resources for more information.

Some of our documents have come from tag sales, estate sales, antique shops, or other places.  Should you run across a document from or about the First Congregational Church of Windham, CT, we would love to have access to it to add it to our collection. 

Additional Resources

Sermon Preached in 1721

A Biography of Eleazar Wheelock

Historical Discourse - 150th anniversary

200th anniversary

A History of the Village and 1st Congregational Church

Manual for Deacons and Deaconesses